34 educators jumped into the role of student as we guided them to use active reading strategies to make sense of a story in an unfamiliar language — something we ask students to do every day! Participants described the experience as satisfying and empowering. Many were surprised at how challenging it was. One teacher said, “It was a good experience to be instructed in a language unfamiliar to most of us. A great way to show what the other side experiences and feels.”

On LinkedIn: Stand-Alone Instructional Practices at Albany International Center

We helped teachers at Albany International Center to implement instructional practices in their Stand-alone class. Strategic activities that support the development of student independence include […]

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Lisa Auslander and Katya Haggerty present at NYSABE 2017!

The Academic and Emotional Resiliency of High School Students with Interrupted Formal Education: a Mixed-Methods Approach to Examining SIFE with Developing Literacy This workshop showcased […]

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AERA 2018: American Educational
Research Association

Building Bridges: Classroom Experiences of Curriculum for Students with Interrupted Education: A Cross-Site Case Study Research Project This presentations showcased as study that examined how […]

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