Bridges Math students often have informal experiences with numeracy from their home countries. The purpose of Unit 1 is to support students to formalize these  experiences  and make connections to the more formal notations used in academic settings. Unit 1 focuses on understanding mathematical notation when both representing quantities and performing operations with whole numbers. Through the activities in the unit, students will have an opportunity to begin to develop their number sense and refine their problem solving skills.

Students begin the unit by experiencing hands-on, interactive activities to help them understand the structure of the number system, place value, and symbolic notation in mathematics. The remainder of the unit  aims to help students develop a firm grasp of how to perform operations with whole numbers as well as solve simple word problems. The context of measurement, specifically area and perimeter, is also interwoven into the work of the unit to provide students with challenging and authentic tasks to to apply their knowledge of operations and number sense.

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