Science Unit 1

In Unit 1, students apply their knowledge of breakfast foods to connect to home culture. Students are introduced to important scientific process skills, including making observations; sorting and classifying based on observations; using scientific tools; collecting and visualizing data; and communicating and sharing knowledge. The unit also supports students in the multiple literacies needed to communicate personal experiences and conceptual understandings around content knowledge and skills. As the first unit in the curriculum, we are tapping into student interest around food, specifically breakfast foods, and using this a way to get students excited about science.

The unit begins with students sharing breakfast foods as a way to learn more about home culture as well as the purpose of eating breakfast. Students will learn that despite the different foods eaten in their class and around the world, similarities exist across cultures. This will lead to the study of food groups with understandings of how to classify each group. Students will then progress into the scientific process of observation, using their five senses to explore food and food groups. They will learn how their senses work to gather information, exploring how senses can be enhanced using tools, such as magnification and scales for measuring the mass of different foods. Reading nutrition labels and understanding serving size will end the unit.
For the Unit 1 Performance Task, individual students will create and present their own chapter of a class book titled What Does Our Class Eat for Breakfast? The chapter contributions of each student will be compiled into a class text that students will use a resource throughout the rest of the year and return to in Unit 4.

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