Science Unit 2

In Unit 2, students will continue to study food, but with a focus on the energy in food and where that energy comes from. Students will learn that the sun’s energy is responsible for the energy we rely on in our everyday lives, and how plants convert the sun’s energy to food for themselves, which then gets passed on to animals and humans who eat them. The understanding of the sun and plants’ role in providing the energy found in our food is a critical understanding for all science students.

Another critical understanding is the process of experimentation. Students will continue to build on the skills learned in Unit 1. New skills include measuring length and height with a ruler, setting up experiments, making hypotheses, and identifying control and experimental groups. Students will learn to represent and interpret information represented in different ways (e.g., data tables, bar graphs, images, drawings, writing). These are multiple literacies (emphasized in CCSS Reading standard 7) needed to communicate in everyday life and in science.

For the Unit 2 Performance Task, individual students will perform an experiment on seed germination. Students will present their findings to the class in a form of a science fair poster presentation.

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