Bridges Manuals

The following Bridges manuals are designed to help educators better understand and serve SIFE learners with Developing Literacy (SDL) and SIFE learners in multiple classroom settings. Click on the manual to download a PDF version. For more information or to participate in a webinar, please refer to the Bridges Sheltered ENL/ELA Program Orientation page.

SIFE MANUAL – coming soon

      • Guides the identification and differentiation of MLLs, ELLs, & SIFE;
      • Describes the assessment process and various assessment tools;
      • Guidelines for programming;
      • Describes instruction methods.


      • Provides guidance on the Bridges sheltered program for third grade-level readers and below who are SDL;
      • Describes features that distinguish SDL and SIFE from Multilingual Learners (MLLs) and English language learners (ELLs) who have grade-level literacy in home language;
      • Presents resources that can support the school team to gain a more complete understanding of student backgrounds and levels of home language literacy;
      • Provides guidance to support intake and programming;
      • Presents the design features that frame the Bridges ELA/ENL curricula; and
      • Presents an overview of the principles that guide instruction for SDL.