Research and Outreach

Statement of Purpose

Whether through internally or externally funded projects, individual efforts, or part of a teaching program, research provides us with critical resources and contributes an intellectual rigor and discipline to our work, all of which impacts on instruction. Both teaching and research activities must interact to strengthen each other.

Research – our own and that of others — guides all of our practices and must, therefore be sound, valid and reliable. All research should be in the service of deepening our theoretical and intellectual understandings and improving our instructional work. Please see the document below for more information.

Bridges Research Philosophy

Recent Presentations

Lisa Auslander and Katya Haggerty present at NYSABE 2018!

The Academic and Emotional Resiliency of High School Students with Interrupted Formal Education: a Mixed-Methods Approach to Examining SIFE with Developing Literacy This workshop showcased […]

AERA 2018: American Educational
Research Association

Building Bridges: Classroom Experiences of Curriculum for Students with Interrupted Education: A Cross-Site Case Study Research Project This presentations showcased as study that examined how […]