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[VIDEO] Centers-Based Learning in a Bridges Math Classroom

Partner School: ICHS

[VIDEO] Walls That Talk

[VIDEO] Read-Retell-Respond with Multilingual Students

Stand-alone ELA Professional Development 2019

Integrated ELA Professional Development 2019

Teaching English Syntax to SIFE with Developing Literacy

Administrator Professional Development 2019

Administrator Professional Development 2018

Integrated ENL/ELA Professional Development 2018

[VIDEO] Bridges Integrated ENL/ELA: Gradual Release

The Bridges Learner – Supporting SIFE with Developing Literacy

[VIDEO] Literacy Centers For Multilingual Students

Bridges Overview

Ordering Texts & Supplemental Materials

Bridges Course Descriptions & Teacher Support

Introduction to Bridges Programming

SIFE Intake & Assessment in NY State

The Bridges Learner – Using a Checklist to Guide Implementation

Bridges Needs Assessment Webinar – Complete

Intake and Assessment Webinar

Teaching Channel Navigation Tutorial

Stand-Alone ENL Webinar Orientation 08/22/17

Teaching Channel Recorder App

Integrated ENL/ELA Webinar Orientation 08/21/17

Language Experience Approach


Teachable Moments – Introducing and Interacting with Vocabulary

Teachable Moments – Whole to Part to Whole: Recognizing Meaningful Word Patterns

Curriculum: Math

Curriculum: Science

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