This course is designed to develop foundational English language, reading, and writing skills through four rotating centers targeted to different student literacy needs. Students develop oral English and as readers and writers through whole class mini-lessons, small group instruction, and daily independent practice.

The Bridges-NYSED ENL/ELA Curriculum is for New York State educators of SIFE with Developing Literacy

If you are already an active member of the NYSED ENL/ELA cohort click the links below to access the Stand-alone ENL curriculum.

If you are a New York State educator interested in joining the NYSED Bridges ENL/ELA cohort, please email [email protected].

Getting Started

Stand-Alone in Action

Stand-alone Overview Guide

Newtown High School

See Katya’s Stand-Alone class in action in this video on Literacy Centers for Multilingual Students.

Brentwood High School

See Nafiye’s Stand-Alone and Renata’s Integrated classes in action in this video on a 3-Step Protocol for SIFE: Developing Academic Thinking.

September – October


Phase 1: Start-Up 

Through approximately 15 whole-class lessons, students learn and practice the protocols for 2 of the 3 student directed-centers: Independent Reading &  Independent Writing.

NOTE: As of 2019-2020, we recommend not teaching power words protocol in Phase 1. The Start-Up guide still includes these lessons. Simply skip these and begin teaching the power word protocol in Phase 3. This allows you to get to Phase 2 leveling faster.


Teacher Conferencing With Student

Phase 2: Leveling 

Teachers meet with students one-on-one to determine beginning reading levels in English. Other students work in reading and writing centers with minimal teacher support.

NOTE: All Power Word resources are now in Phase 3.  See the Phase 2 guide for directions and resources for leveling and students working independently in reading and writing centers using the protocols. The leveling PD in mid-October will also support Phase 2.

November – June

GRW Center Full Image Teacher at Table

Phase 3: Full Rotation 

Students rotate through all centers, including teacher-led Group Reading & Writing (GRW). Progress across centers is monitored weekly and shared with students. 

NOTE: GRW lessons includes teaching the power words protocol that students will begin using in the Foundation Skills center. Teaching students how to access the audio power points and spelling practice is more efficient in GRW, rather than in whole class Start-Up lessons.