Impact Data

ENL/ELA and Math Programs

Bridges has demonstrated it is effective at improving academic, language, mathematical and literacy skills for Newcomers. Students made statistically significant improvements in Integrated ENL/ELA and Math curriculum assessments.

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100% of students agreed/strongly agreed with the statements “This work has value for me” and “I can ask others for help when I need it.”

Integrated ENL/ELA: Mean Curriculum Assessment Scores

  • Pre
  • Post

Bridges students make significant growth in language and literacy as shown by progress on the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL) and New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT).

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100% of students showcased improvement on English proficiency exam scores on post-Bridges year testing.

NYSITELL and First NYSESLAT: Mean Scale Scores


Professional Learning Evaluation Results

Curriculum courses

  • 99% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that their understanding of the topics was enhanced through presentation and/or accompanying activities. 
  • 100% of the teachers thought that their instructional practice improved as a result of the coaching cycle.

Has your practice improved as a result of the coaching cycle?

  • Definitely
  • Highly Probable
  • Probably Not
  • Definitely Not

Course for Co-Teaching Teams

  • 96% Of the participants thought that the content of the sessions was clear and flowed effectively.
  • 90% of the participants think that the their understanding of the topics was enhanced through the course sessions.

The content of the session was clear and seemed to flow effectively

  • Agree or Strongly Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree