Math Course



Bridging Skill Gaps for Algebra Readiness Mathematics Instruction for Diverse Learners Using the Bridges Math Program

This course is designed for teachers who are implementing the Bridges-NYSED Math curriculum for SIFE & Entering Newcomers with up to a 6th grade level of numeracy. All cohort members eligible to participate in coaching office hours or consultations.

Course prerequisite: Orientation to Bridges Programs

CTLE: 16 CTLE hours are awarded upon successful completion of all four modules

All modules available via synchronous Zoom facilitation or asynchronous self-paced learning. 

Module 1 | Getting Started 

  • Guided introduction to the Bridges Math Curriculum and Foundational Math Unit content and
    tools for differentiation, math language support, and social-emotional learning.
  • Deep dive into using assessment to make instructional decisions on starting points, and layout of
    the lessons

Module 2 | Planning for Success 

  • Learn how to set-up and plan for centers-based learning
  • Learn how to develop a culture of academic discourse and reflection
  • Engage in small group learning activities with other teachers of SIFE

Module 3 | Data Collection and Conferencing 

  • Learn how progress monitoring tools are used to inform instructional next steps
  • Learn how to leverage data to conference with students and give actionable feedback

Module 4 | Differentiating reading in Math, Lessons Learned and Share Outs

  • Leverage the Bridges Math Curriculum to address student’s academic needs while meeting
    instructional goals
  • Best practices for implementation from teachers around NYS with various teaching contexts

Module 1 | Jun. 13 | 12-2:30pm

Getting Started


Module 2 | Oct. 29, 2025| 12-2:30pm

Planning for Success


Module 3 | Dec. 17 | 12-2:30pm

Data Collection and Conferencing


Module 4 | Feb. 04, 2025| 12-2:30pm

Differentiating reading in Math, Lessons Learned and Share Outs