Developing Responsive Classroom Communities for SIFE & Newcomer Learners

A 6-Session Online Course for Secondary ENL & Content-Area Teachers Teams

Single-district and multi-district contracts available to districts nationwide.

Course Design:

ENL/Content-area teacher teams attend 5 dynamic synchronous sessions, as well as a follow-up PLC. Asynchronous tasks are assigned between sessions to build on instruction and encourage classroom application.

Optional follow-up remote coaching is also available.

Course Outcomes:

1) Training on intake & assessment protocols for SIFE and practical methods for understanding SIFE learners in their classrooms.

2) Demonstration of key instructional and social-emotional learning (SEL) strategies that can be used in ENL and content-area literacy classrooms.

3) Discussion of key collaboration methods throughout to ensure teachers can partner effectively among content and ENL teachers; counselors and administrators; and families, where applicable.

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These workshops should be implemented to all teachers in all schools and to all school principals as many teachers and principals do not understand the transfer of language to another.

-High School ENL Teacher

Our partnership with Bridges has been amazing for our teachers and students. The sessions provided are focused on students and what educators can do to provide support to the varying needs of Newcomer students. The strategies, materials and experience shared by the staff are accurate and relevant to the needs of Newcomer students. I would highly recommend the course to other districts and already have.

-District Administrator

Probably the best SIFE PD I’ve attended. You provide actual usable techniques and materials for real students in real classrooms, in a variety of settings, not just theoretical ideas for one type of setting that is not realistic.

-High School ENL Teacher

I appreciate the work of the Bridges Team and the dedication to the instruction for EL’s that are now a part of the USA community.  The strategies that have been implemented in these sessions will continue to be a part of my files.  I am committed to using them as well as sharing them with others.  Thanks for allowing me to participate in this process.

-Middle School Coach

The session was very engaging, I was a bit worried about participating in a 2.5 hour webinar following work, but the pace and level of engagement, along with the relevance of the material made it a snap.

-Middle School ENL Teacher

Thanks for your help and assistance. I have been through several ELL trainings throughout the years and this is by far one of the best!!

-High School Content-Area Teacher

I LOVE your training. This information was so helpful for working with Newcomers!

-Middle School ENL Teacher

I love [the course]! I’m never this interested in PD, but this is what we’ve been asking for for forever!

-Middle School Content-Area Teacher

I love the idea of giving students feedback that goes beyond grading, and the focus on a student’s strengths and idea development beyond conventions was very powerful and something I’m excited to debut with my teachers.

-High School Coach

The information has made me look at language acquisition in a new way. Thank you for all of your support.

-Middle School ENL Teacher