Brewster High School 2017-2018 School Support



Bridges to Academic Success offers school support and instructional coaching to teachers.¬†Across multiple visits, Bridges coaches provide teachers with materials and guidance on instructional practices, helping them deepen their understanding of how to develop literacy skills for students with interrupted formal education (SIFE).”






Brewster High School, in Putnam County, received direct support from Bridges instructional coaches through individualized visits throughout the 2017-18 school year. The goal of this effort was to implement Bridges’ Stand Alone and Integrated ENL/ELA curricula.¬†The Bridges coaches modeled different instructional methods and strategies and support the Brewster ENL teacher in lesson planning; helping her to implement the Bridges curriculum. In addition, Bridges coaches helped teachers design learning centers in their classrooms to provide direct instruction and promote independence among students.