Professional Development for Educators

We offer a series of four sessions for teachers implementing Bridges Stand-alone ENL. These sessions are designed to train teachers to target language and literacy instruction and practice in a centers-based learning model:

  • Orientation to Stand-alone ENL
  • Leveling Readers
  • Small Group Reading & Writing Instruction
  • Conferencing & Progress Monitoring

These four sessions support teachers to implement our language arts-based curriculum, Integrated ENL/ELA, designed to build academic thinking, language, and literacy for SIFE with Developing Literacy:

  • Overview of Curriculum & Resources
  • Developing Active Readers
  • Writing Instruction & Evidence-Based Feedback
  • Targeted Language Instruction

We offer professional development to bilingual administrators at the school, district, and regional level in order to strategize and plan around:

  • Intake and assessment procedures for SIFE with Developing Literacy

  • Support in implementation of the curriculum alongside teachers

Participants walk away with resources – and a community of practitioners to contact when setting up systems for their schools.

An introductory 6-session course for secondary ENL and Content-area teacher teams and administrators

ENL/Content-area teacher teams attend 5 dynamic synchronous sessions, as well as a follow-up PLC. Asynchronous tasks are assigned between sessions to build on instruction and encourage classroom application. Optional follow-up remote coaching is also available.


  • Training on intake & assessment protocols for SIFE.
  • Practical methods for understanding SIFE learners in their classrooms.
  • Key instructional and social-emotional learning (SEL) strategies that can be used in ENL and content-area literacy classrooms.
  • Key collaboration methods to effective partnership among content and ENL teachers, counselors and administrators, and families, where applicable.

NY state educators who meet the criteria above are eligible to attend the free, NYSED-sponsored course this Feb 22-March 23, 2021. Email [email protected] with the names and email addresses of both teachers if you would like to register.

To purchase the course for your district, please see the course flyer and email [email protected].

Professional Development Videos