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Bridging Skill Gaps for Algebra Readiness Mathematics Instruction for Diverse Learners Using the Bridges Math Program

Implementing the Bridges curriculum looks different in each school context. We partner with schools so that we gain a better understanding for the way teams identify and resolve challenges. We use these insights to develop stronger partnerships that keep the focus on professional learning and student growth.

General support begins with guidance around intake and programming and individual consultancies. For a small group of schools, we offer more individualized support through a series of targeted visits. These visits focus on supporting the school team to address a problem of practice in their school context. It can range from streamlining the intake and programming process to supporting classroom teachers with Bridges instruction.

In addition, we host periodic intervisitations to help educators deepen their understanding of instruction for SIFE with Developing Literacy.

Module 1 | Getting Started with Literacy & Language Centers | Jun 11, 12-2:30PM

  • Learn about the developmental literacy levels and leveled texts that organize Bridges Stand-alone ENL
  • Become familiar with the center’s design and teaching the centers’ protocol
  • Engage in small group learning activities with other teachers of SIFE.

Module 2 | Leveling Students & Progress Monitoring | Oct 10, 12-2:30PM

  • Be guided through determining initial student reading levels using the IRLA
  • Organize small-group reading & writing instruction, set differentiated targets, and identify appropriate texts for centers practice
  • Review progress monitoring practices and materials

Module 3 | Intro to Group Reading & Writing | Nov 19, 12-2:30PM

  • What does GRW look like in Stand-alone ENL?
  • How do teachers prepare GRW lessons?
  • How do teachers assess progress at GRW?

Module 4 | Group Reading & Writing Center: Focus on Writing | Feb 11, 2025* 12-2:30PM

  • Observe small-group writing instruction
  • Review model writing lessons
  • Practice strategies for progress monitoring

Developing teacher leaders is an important part of our work on Bridges. These culminating workshops feature teacher leaders’ best practices from teaching students remote and hybrid learning environments. Teachers share a lesson, brief video of instruction, and/or student work connected to a theme from Bridges professional development training. Participants have time to ask questions and share their own classroom experiences related to the topic.

Module 1 | Jun. 13 | 12-2:30pm

Getting Started

Module 2 | Oct. 29 | 12-2:30pm

Planning for Success

Module 3 | Dec. 17 | 12-2:30pm

Data Collection and Conferencing

Module 4 | Feb. 4, 2025* | 12-2:30pm

Differentiating reading in Math, Lessons Learned and Share Outs