Research & Evaluation Studies

Bridges-NYSED Math Program Evaluation

The Math curriculum for SIFE and Newcomers was  piloted  across New York State during the 2022-23 academic year, and an internal research  study  was conducted to  evaluate the program during the pilot year. Study results showed that students made significant improvements in their mathematical assessment scores and their social emotional learning skills..

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Math: Mean Curriculum Assessment Scores

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A Cross-Case Site Study of a Curriculum for
Students with Interrupted Formal Education

This study examined how implementation of a curriculum (INT ENL/ELA and STA ENL) designed for refugee and immigrant students with interrupted formal education (SIFE) affected student learning in three bilingual and multilingual secondary schools in New York State. Results showed that students in all settings made growth in foundational literacy skills and reading comprehension in English. Moreover, the study documents the tremendous obstacles a majority of the students regularly overcame to attend and participate in the classroom.

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Cultivating a Culture of Bilingualism:
Evaluating a Home Language Arts Curriculum for SIFE

This study is a mixed methods evaluation of a Spanish Home Language Arts (HLA) pilot curriculum designed for Students with Interrupted Education (SIFE) as it was implemented across six different schools in New York State during the 2019–2020 school year. Results of the evaluation showed that teachers made improvements in their practice and students were able to develop language and literacy skills and had increased engagement and collaboration in the classroom. 

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Home Language Arts: Mean Curriculum Assessment Scores

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Getting newcomer English learners off the sidelines:
Strategies for increasing learner engagement
while developing language and literacy

In order to increase newcomer and SIFE engagement, students need to be thoughtfully integrated into classroom learning practices. This article offers dynamic strategies from Bridges partner classrooms that leverage home language to support newcomer EL engagement.

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