Orientation to Bridges Programs

The Orientation to Bridges Programs series is designed to introduce new teachers and administrators to Bridges curricular offerings, resources, and courses, and help guide questions around implementation. View the videos and handouts below for an in-depth tour of the program.  If you are interested in earning 2 hours of CTLE credit for the formal orientation process please contact admin@bridges-sifeproject.com.

The next live webinar with Q&A will be in late August/early September 2021 (date TBA).

Contact admin@bridges-sifeproject.com if you are interested in attending and earning CTLE credit. Please note that we require that new schools attend the orientation as a teacher-administrator team.


Through a profiles of three students, this video discusses the unique learning challenges SIFE face and how teachers can create a supportive classroom environment.


The Overview video provides an introduction to Bridges courses and curriculum and discusses key issues for schools to consider before implementing Bridges, including intake and assessment practices, programming, and ordering texts.


Examining real case scenarios, this video provides a deeper look at the intake and assessment process and offers guiding questions to help schools develop strategies for programming.